Kathleen Lights X Colourpop Dream St. Palette Review

When thinking about what I wanted to be my first post on this blog, I immediately thought of the newest  Kathleen Lights collaboration with Colourpop. Colourpop is one of my favorite brands due to the high quality and low price, but I was absolutely blown away by this palette.


While I have loved Coloupop’s pressed powder shadow palettes in the past, this one stands out even further in terms of quality and pigmentation. Not every shade is perfect, but I am very impressed overall. Here is a breakdown of each shade:


Shooting Star: This shade is the most perfect transition shade. It is a beautiful matte that is rich in pigmentation and blends out with ease.

Magical: This is another good matte transition shade that is a beautiful light peachy color.

Star Dust: This is a nice copper glittery shade that isn’t as pigmented as the rest. You have to go back in a couple times in order to get the desired effect of a normal glitter shade.  

Twinkle: This shade is very similar to “Star Dust” however, it had AMAZING pigmentation. It is very buttery and is almost metallic with one swipe.

Sweet Dreams: This shade is powdery and not as pigmented as “Twinkle” However, it performs fine with a little spritz of setting spray on a brush.

Water Bearer: This is the first shade in the palette that I used on my eye that blew me away. For such a dark blue shade it is extremely pigmented and it is honestly the best blue that I have used.

Potion: This is another matte brown shade that is more warm toned compared to “shooting star”. I am glad that this shade was included in the palette because it can be easily paired with any of the shimmer shades

Spark: This shade is a beautiful and unique orangy red shade. The pigmentation is rich and pigmented and it is a great pop of color that makes this palette stand out

Kaleidoscope: This color is a unique silver that is almost duochrome. It isn’t as pigmented as I would like, but it isn’t the worst that I have used.

Elfish: This is a rich dark brown shade that can be used to darken the outer corner of the eye. My problem with this shade is that when swatched, it seems kind of patchy and is a little harder to work with on the eye.

Moony: This shade is a very light satin shade that almost doesn’t show up on my skin tone. However, the quality of this shade is very good and on darker skin tones I think that it could be beautiful as an inner corner highlight.

Mermaid Boy: Last but not least, this is a beautiful blue shimmer shade that has excellent pigmentation. It is beautifull layered on top of the brown shades as well as the dark blue “water bearer” shade.


Overall, for only $16 USD this palette has great quality. If it had a high-end label on it I would still be impressed minus the few “bad’ shades that lacked pigmentation. I think that that issue is one that is very common across eyeshadows that are both high end and affordable. This is definitely my new favorite colourpop palette and I can already tell that I am going to get a lot of use out of it.

I hope that you enjoyed this review, and since this is my first post I would love to receive any feedback that could help make my future posts even better!


With that, have an amazing day wherever you are and don’t forget that you are a beautiful and strong woman capable of so many amazing things.




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