The Magic Palette By Juvia’s Place {Review+Swatches}

Step aside Morphe, I think I just found my new favorite affordable eyeshadow brand! 

OMG guys I just received my order from Juvia’s Place and as you can see, I got the Magic Palette. Juvia’s Place is an Indie brand that I have become familiar with through Nikkie Tutorials (AKA glow queen/ extremely talented makeup artist and YouTuber) I have seen swatches here and there and heard that the quality of these palettes was amazing, but I was never sold on the colors in the palettes. They were usually too far outside my comfort zone and so I kept putting off trying products from this company. However, when this palette went on sale, MY LIFE WAS CHANGED!

As soon as I swatched one of the glitter shades, I knew that I was in love. The pigmentation of 14/16 of the shades is UNREAl and the tiniest bit of product can go a long way. Also, the size of these pans is probably triple that of most other shadow palettes that I own.

If you are like me and think that the colors in Juvia’s Place palettes are outside of your comfort zone or colors that you don’t use, then look at it this way.. the Magic Pallete consists of sixteen shades, with half warm tones and half cool tones. As someone drawn to warmer tones, I absolutely love the color selection of the first eight shadows, but the last eight are ones that I didn’t think I would use as often but they are so beautiful that I found myself gravitating towards them and creating more cool toned looks. I think it’s awesome that this palette is helping me break out of my comfort zone and explore bright colors and different combinations.


As you can see, I did two separate swatches with the warm tones in one picture and the cool tones in the other. I think this is a great way to view the color story and make the palette seem a little less intimidating.

Color Breakdown:

[NOTE: These photos are in the opposite order of each row in the palette. The swatches from right to left are the correct order that corresponds to the palette. I’m sorry and will make sure to fix this my future eyeshadow palette reviews!]

Row 1:


Nubia: This is such a perfect gold shade that has amazing pigmentation. This is the perfect gold to pop in the center of your lid for a beautiful spotlight eye.

Zakiya: This is a rich terracotta matte shade that is very pigmented and buttery. It blends out very well and is a great color to warm up the outer v of the eye.

Osun: This is a beautiful light pink shimmer shade which is beautiful on its own, in the inner corner, or could even be used as highlighter on medium to dark skin tones

Kesi: This is another rich matte shade that is perfect for setting the eye. This shade doesn’t show up much on my skin tone because I am so pale but could be beautiful on deeper skin tones.

Row 2:


Zuba: This is a GORGEOUS pink shade that is darker than Osun and seems to have some gold shimmer in it which gives it a duochrome effect.

Nana: This shade is a gorgeous warm toned matte transition shade that is super buttery and blendable

Boronu: This shade is a pretty light brown/ champagne shimmer shade that would be a beautiful addition to either a natural or soft glam look.

Kogi: This is such a unique and vibrant shade that I LOVE to add to the outer corner or on the lower lash line. It is a matte that performs very well and blends out beautifully.

Row 3:


Faso: I am in love with this duochrome lilac/lavender shade that is perfect for spring/ summer. The duochrome doesn’t really show up in the swatches but take my word for it, this is one of my favorite shades in the palette.

Aja: This is my other favorite shade in the palette, and although it shows up in the swatch as a black shade, it is actually a black/dark green duochrome shade with a faint hint of gold shimmer. It is STUNNING in person.

Vai: This is a glittery standard gunmetal shade, but the pigmentation is beautiful and I have been really enjoying it.

Yemoja: This shade is a nice true silver that I honestly haven’t used all that much but the pigmentation is still very incredible. The tiniest amount of this gives you so much pigmentation it is unreal

Row 4:


Ife: This matte shade is a deep blueish purple shade. This is, unfortunately, one of the two shades that didn’t quite blow me away. It is not bad at all but compared to the rest of the shades it is just not as pigmented. Also, it takes a lot of effort to build this shade up to the dark purple that it looks like in the pan.

Yara: This shade is very unique and I am honestly not really sure how to describe the color. It seems to be a mix of green and blue but it pulls more green. It is a very beautiful color though that I have used quite a lot.

Buzo: This is a bright green shimmer that could be used as a nice pop of color on the lower lash line. I am excited to experiment more with this color and come up with some unique looks.

Yejide: The formula of this shade is similar to Ife. It is a bit drier and less pigmented compared to the other shades but it is still beautiful when built up. It is a very beautiful blue shade that is a dark navy blue with enough layers blended on top of one another.


[Overall thoughts:]

If you couldn’t tell by my reaction earlier, I am loving this palette. It is so much fun playing with it and experimenting with different colors. The quality is outstanding especially for the price and I am officially hooked on Juvia’s place. I have already placed an order for the Douce palette as well as the blush palette volume 2 so look out for my reviews on those soon!

With that, thank you all for reading and I hope you are having a great day wherever you are! If you like my content so far I would love for you to subscribe to my blog so that you don’t miss out on my future reviews or leave feedback so that Iknow what I can do to improve my reviews!




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