MAC Lipstick Swatches

Lipstick is a pretty magical thing. With just one pop of color, your outfit can be transformed with your mood and confidence along with it. I usually tend to wear nude or rosy pink colors but there is something about a bold red lip that makes me feel like I can run the world.

For Christmas, I received the MAC limited edition mini lipstick set, and although it is sold out I thought that it would be cool do some swatches since all shades are permanent and are currently being sold as singles. This was my first experience with the MAC matte lipstick formula and I was very impressed! All shades were very opaque, beautiful, and long-lasting. Of course, they aren’t transferred proof like a matte liquid lipstick, but they were very easy to apply and the colors are beautiful. I can’t wait to keep using this set and purchase the full-size versions of my favorites soon!


Here is a little video I made showing what the shades looked like on my lips:


.. and here are the arm swatches with the shade names:



Overall I would definitely recommend these lip products! It took me so long to try them because I thought they were over hyped and there were so many other lip products out there for me to try. However, I am so glad that I discovered these because they will probably become my new favorite everyday lip products!

With that, I hope this post was helpful or you at least enjoyed the 1-minute video that took me like 12 hours to make LOL.. and I hope you have a great day/ night wherever you are. Thank you so much for reading!



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